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Wall Cladding

A steel wall cladding system adds style, beauty & character to your building’s design, regardless of size or shape. Just as each building design is different, so too should be your options for making your mark. Whether you are seeking to achieve a dramatic look or simply require an attractive, durable and affordable alternative for your new build or retrofit, our systems are designed to exceed your aesthetic and functional needs.
What is cladding?
Basically, cladding is the process of putting one material over the other. For example, the structure may be made of wood; then you place on top of it jointed wooden materials. There are a few of reasons why our steel cladding is good.

Advantages (Benefits) of Wall Cladding:
1. it adds more value into your property. If you want to enhance the overall physical design of your property without spending a lot of money, you can opt for steel wall cladding.
2. it improves the life span of your home or building. Though cladding does not, in any way, make your property fully resistant to weather conditions such as too much rain and sunlight, it controls them.
3. cladding is known to enhance energy efficiency and insulation. In the process, you are able to save some costs on utilities.
4. Wall Cladding is Environment friendly.
5. Other cladding materials like metal are just as strong without the additional cost.


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