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Clay Tile

Nothing matches the classic look of real clay tile. Concrete Roof Tiles are only pretending to look like clay tiles, but often can’t match the natural colour blends and style of clay tile roofs. Clay roof tiles come in many forms, and from many areas of the world. They have been produced for a millennium (centuries and centuries) and certainly have proven themselves. Life expectancy is over 100 years.

Advantages (Benefits) of Clay Tile:

1. Long lasting Color: Life expectancy is over 100 years.
2. Aesthetically Superior
3. Environmental Friendly: Pas west roof clay tiles are all 100% natural, recyclable, made from abundant locally harvested clay, with a manufacturing process that reduces, reuses and recycles, further minimazing the product carbon footprint.
4. Fire Resistance: clay roof tiles are not destroyed by fire.
5. Strength
6. Weatherproof
7. Acoustic Insulation: Apart from its natural thermal qualities, clay tile also has highly sought after acoustic properties, which resists the transmission of airborne sound and the reduction of external noise.
8. Provide natural insulation to the roof: thanks to their shape, roof tiles provide a barrier to protect the underlayment of your roof, and isolate the heat or cold from being transferred to the home.
9. Low maintenance: clay roof tiles (especially machine made ones) have very low water absorption (check your manufacturers technical data) which means they do not develop mold or mildew very easily.


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