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Concrete Tile

Independent cost analysis confirms that the durability of a concrete tile roof provides long term savings. The look of a tile roof is very rich in depth and very aesthetically appealing. Don’t forget, traditional roofing products require costly replacement within the life span of a concrete tile roof, which is 50 years. A concrete tile roof will give the builder and home owner increased marketability and enhanced resale value. Life expectance is over 50 years.

Advantages (Benefits) of Concrete Tile:
1. Long lasting: Concrete tiles get harder as they age and are resistant to hail, high winds, extreme temperatures, humidity, and fire.
2. Range of Colors
3. Salt safe for coastal homes
4. Comfort indoors
5. Sound Performance
6. Low maintenance Cost: On average, concrete tiles cost half as much to purchase and install when compared to traditional clay tiles.
7. Fire resistance: Concrete is a non-combustible material, making it an excellent choice for roof treatments in fire-prone areas.
8. Rainwater & Tank safety
9. Aesthetics: Concrete tiles are available in a wide variety of profiles and can be dyed almost any color, providing a decorative touch to the exterior of your home.
10. Good visual appearance when installed.
11. Perceived as a premium product


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