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Copper Roofing

Thanks to advancements made in recent years, builders can now install copper roofing as easy as any other roofing material, although traditional copper roofing is out of most people’s price range. Copper roofing is growing in popularity in where people are wanting long lasting value and durability out of their roof. The copper adds a higher level of refinement and quality to the appearance of the home or property. Estimates put the lifespan of a copper roof at over 100 years.

Advantages (Benefits) of Copper Roofing:
1. Lightweight – so it is easy to transport to your site and doesn’t require additional structural reinforcement to your roof
2. Longevity – copper is extremely resistant to damage and can last for hundreds of years.
3. Durable – the base materials found in copper weather to form a protective patina or shield from the elements
4. Versatile – can be used on almost any type of residential, commercial or industrial structure. It is also ordered in pieces (like tiles) so there is less on-the-job cutting of materials
5. Recyclabile – copper roofing material is so durable it can often be reused
6. Low replacement cost
7. Resistant to Corrosion
8. Reducing Safety Risks


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