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Fiberglass Shingles

For homeowners who want extra durability and protection, select premium architectural shingles. Fiberglass shingles combines beauty with contemporary strength. Manufactured in a larger size to offer more exposure and create a high definition ”shake” look for your roof, these popular shingles are versatile and easy to maintain and come in a myriad of colors that can suit any home. These shingles now come with a limited “Lifetime Warranty” that is transferable when selling your home and not pro-rated. Fiberglass laminate shingles are the most popular choice for residential sloped roof application.

Advantages (Benefits) of Fiberglass Shingles:
1. Unlikely to Decay: Unlike wood roofs, which require regular maintenance, fiberglass shingles are durable and can stand up to the years. Wood shingles have a tendency to rot, warp, or curl, but this is not the case with fiberglass shingles. This means big savings for the homeowner, who won’t need to call their roofing company nearly as often. Not only is the material itself strong, but fiberglass shingles also come with an algae block to stop the spread of microorganisms.
2. Strong Against Wind: Fiberglass shingles can resist winds of up to 110 mph! This high wind-uplift protection means that you don’t need to worry about replacing your roof, even in strong storms.
3. Fire-Resistant: Fiberglass shingles are a great choice for roofing, not just because they’re durable and resistant to wind and rain, but also because they’re fire-resistant. Wood shingles can be a fire-hazard, but fiberglass shingles have a Class A fire rating.
4. Easy to Replace: Fiberglass shingles rarely need reroofing, but when they do, it’s very simple and easy. With fiberglass roofs, you’ll save money initially on the material, but through the years as well with cheap and infrequent roofing repairs.
5. Light weight Fiberglass: shingles are much lighter in weight than other types of shingles like ceramic or slate, which brings down the overall weight of your roof. In some homes where the structural integrity cannot handle a lot of weight, fiberglass shingles provide a perfect fix.


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